Garage Sale Toy Finds

Our little neighborhood has 2 facebook groups. One regular and one “yard sale”, and after chats with neighbors, its safe to say that our neighborhood yard sale group ROCKS! I have found 2 great deals so far, & both for $5!!! Both items were gently used and pick up was right around the corner! Olivia really enjoys the both of them, so here we go:

Deal #1 was a playschool push car that was in perfect condition. Liv loves taking a stroll outside in it with Mommy! It has safety seatbelts so that my little nugget is safe and secure inside. For 5 bucks, you cant beat that. I’m sure it retails for way more πŸ™‚

Deal #2 was a playschool brand scooter bike that turns into a walker! This was also $5! Condition was mint! She loves it! At 8months, she loves to stay active & occupies and this really does keep her busy. And she can use it for a while which is an extra plus.

Mama’s, dont be afraid to browse around your neighborhood’s yard sales because you never know what you will find! Avoid going to yard sales with high hopes because then you will just be forcing yourself to buy things lol. So many moms that i chat with browse the occasional yard sale and the deals they find are incredible.

Now go and get your bargain on Mama’s!

Olivia’s first Halloween (Part 2)

*Originally Posted on 10.31.12**

After getting home and resting for a bit, Olivia got dressed up, to go trick or treating in the neighborhood. I actually really like our little neighborhood, its very family oriented, and people actually participate. We just went to a few houses for Olivia’s first little trick or treat. I held Olivia & Daddy held the camera!

Β Olivia was dressed up as an is a pic of my little Angel in Costume!
This family was really into it! It was neat and the kids loved it. Look at Olivia’s face, she’s unsure lol!


This by far is one of my favorite pictures from Halloween night, a pic with the man-horse! Lol! I think I was more excited than Olivia! She’s like “what in the world!?”..

After we finished with our neighborhood, we went to my good friend Christine’s house about 20 mins away. We’ve been friends for about 4-5 years, she’s my boo! Now let me tell you, Christine’s house always has something going on, we love it! & Olivia is always entertained by the kids running around! I love to visit them all the time because Christine is such a great mom, I really admire her for that! She also has a new baby boy (who is sooooo adorable by the way) named Adam! Adam and Olivia were due around the same time and he was born 3 days before Olivia! Isnt that crazy!? I love all of her kids! And Christine and her Husband, Hakim, are so cute together!

Here is a picture of baby Adam! He was a the cutest little Pirate!

Christine’s sister holding baby Adam!



Adam and Olivia were amazed by each other’s costumes, lol!

Here are a few more pics from trick-or-treating in their neighborhood!




After we finished trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, we went back to the house where the kids sorted out their candy, made trades etc!

Christine, being the super mommy that she is, had chilli and cornbread ready to serve! It totally fit the mood and it was yummy! I think my Husband had about 2-3 bowls! Remind me to get the recipe from her, ok? Lol.

While hanging out at Christine’s, I gave Christines youngest daughter, Ava, her birthday gift to open (her birthday was about a week prior). It was a little disney pop up tent. She loved it. She’s so cute!

After we got fat full, it was time for us to head home. We had alot of fun! Olivia was sleepy from her fun filled day, but im sure she enjoyed watching all of the festivities.

6 Months is such a time of curiosity for the little ones. Engaging in activity, and letting Olivia watch others, helps with development. I love taking her to fun activities like that. Im such a hands-on person, it’s natural for me to be a hands-on mom and I definitely plan on being the most active mother for Olivia and all of my future kiddo’s.

When we got home, Olivia was pooped!

She fell asleep in her walker! What a day!

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween!

Olivia’s first Halloween (Part 1)

**Orginally Posted on 10.31.2012**

Being the busy bee that I am, I had our Halloween day 2012 all planned out for me and my family.

Let me start off by saying, that I do not look at Halloween as a celebration in any way. However, I do not see anything wrong with having the kiddo’s dress up, go to pumpkin patches, and go trick-or-treating for the fun of it. My main rule is that there will NOT be any scary costumes in my household! All costumes must be of happy cartoon characters, fairies, cheeleaders, superman, etc. With that being said, lets get started.

We started off by going to a local Pumpkin Patch to pick out Olivia’s first pumpkin & snap some pics. The weather was surprisingly hot for Halloween, however, we are in Texas & Texas has the most unpredictable weather. I really never paid any attention to pumpkin patches until I had my daughter. I guess it’s just something that you do with the kiddo’s, so i figured..why not? I’m sure she’ll have fun with going there as she gets older..then she & I can actually carve the pumpkin together and display it. How fun! I cant wait. Olivia has such an active mommy lol.

Olivia wasn’t in the best mood that day lol, but it didn’t stop me from getting pictures of my sweet baby!


On the hunt for a perfect Pumpkin for
my baby!
Grumpy Baby lol!

*Don’t forget to take a look at Olivia’s First Halloween Pt 2!**

Mother-Daughter Brunch

*originally posted on 9.29.12**

This past Saturday, Olivia & I were invited to our first Mother-Daughter Brunch hosted by our good friends Amy & baby Abigail! The location was wonderful & the brunch was a blast! The color theme was pink & white so Liv wanted to wear a pink flower in her hair to match her pink floral outfit! We matched as I found a cute pink lace dress to wear.

Amy got the professional photos & I just snagged a few with my phone πŸ™‚

Olivia made some new friends as you can see. She really enjoyed herself & so did Mommy! It was nice to laugh and talk with other moms!

Good job Amy! Cant wait to do it again next year!

How to Re-Use Newborn Headbands!

**Originally Posted on 9.25.12**

If you are like me, the minute you heard the words, “its a girl.”, you went shopping crazy. Besides buying all the cute baby girl clothes & shoes, I bought more head bands than imagined! I went crazy ya’ll, i bought one in almost every color, every design! You better believe that I used all of them, some only once, but as long as her eyes were open, my baby girl had a bow in her hair! (and that still applies today, lol!)
Flash-Forward 5 months…when those itty bitty bands dont fit baby girl’s head anymore. Don’t thow them away, i repeat DO NOT THROW HER HEADBANDS AWAY! There is a simple solution to re-use the bow from the band for your growing big girl, just follow these simple steps!

1) Chose the headband of your choice. You want to make sure that it has a bow that you like.

2) Carefully detach the bow from the headband by cutting it with a good pair of scissors. It will now look like the picture below:

3) Take out your alligator clips. For this bow, I used the “Celebrity Fit” hair clips from Michaels. I chose this one because it comes with a ribbon already attached that covers majority of the bare clip.

4) With your hot glue gun apply a couple of drops of hot glue to the back of the bow, and a small drop to the alligator clip.

5) Quickly press the bow onto the alligator clip where the hot glue was applied.

6) Remove any excess glue that may be hanging.

7) Wala! You now have a finished product similar to this:

Pair it with a cute little outfit..

..and she’s ready to go!

…good job crafty Mama’s!

Lets Talk Pregnancy

My precious Olivia was born in April 2012, so to start off, i wanted to take it a few months back starting from my pregnancy journey.
My pregnancy was overall smooth sailing. I was so thankful for that. I totally embraced pregnancy. Its such a beautiful thing, its amazing what the women body can handle.

I definitly had pregnancy brain. I was so blonde, it made no sense! Lol. I lost everything, i couldnt remember much, its quite funny now that I think about it, lol. Pregnancy brain is real, but i had the best excuse in the world, i was pregnant! I swear i got away with everything. God bless all of the people that let me skip long lines in stores, carried everything for me, fed me, drove me around…i could go on & on. ahhh..those were the days!

I gained all of my pregnancy weight during my last trimester and it fell of quickly after Olivia came (im sure breastfeeding has a lot to do with that).

Here are just a few eating rules that i followed during pregnancy:

1)You are pregnant, eat!

2)Eat what you crave, dont fight the feeling.

3)If it makes you nauseous, stay away from it, dont eat it.

4)Always keep snacks in your purse.

5)Always have water within grabbing distance.

6)Stay away from spicy (this may not apply to everyone, but it sure did apply to me!)

7)Keep a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, and avoid them. Your doctor’s office should have one.

8)No two pregnant women are the same, what works/worked for her may not work for you.

…those are just some rules that I followed when it came to eating. See, i love food. Eating during pregnancy was another journey for me because some foods that I absolutely loved before pregnancy, i couldnt stand while pregnant.

I pretty much worked throughout my pregnancy. Being a Home Health Nurse is not at all stressful. Your body will tell you when its time to take a break to really focus & care for you and your growing baby. My body told me around my 8th month! Although, I snuck in some hours to do some paperwork and the office payroll a day before I went into labor! Hehe πŸ˜‰

Overall, enjoy your pregnancy. Take pictures & video’s every step of the way. Embrace every moment, every kick, every stomach rub from hubby..even embrace the rough days of pregnancy, because the end result of seeing your beautiful baby is priceless πŸ™‚

She’s Back :)

Sorry that I was gone for so long! I had internet world troubles switching my domain name from one company to another. It was so much drama doing so, but at the end of the day, hosting services are the absolute worst!

Anywho, I’ve missed blogging and I have so much to update everyone on! However, the next few posts, are just going to be a recap from my old blog πŸ™‚

Here is a quick update:

Olivia has really grown so much. She’s so sweet, cute, smart and very busy! I don’t care how cliche this sounds, but she is really and truly, the center of my universe.

So lets get started!