New Year, Real Hair

Hey Y’all, Hey! Happy New Year! I hope that your year started off great and if not, I hope that the remainder of your year gets better. My New Year resolution for this blog is to be more transparent. I feel like I’ve been so surface level with y’all over the years and if thats the case, then whats the point of blogging?

I’m going into the new year as a 32 year old (eek!) and as much as I feel like I’m getting older, I don’t want to look like I’m getting older! This year is all about SELF CARE. Something took over me this year and just like that, I suddenly started to feel so much more comfortable with wearing my real hair (instead of extensions). A big reason I felt so comfortable is because I never realized that there are soooooo many products on the market that are specifically catered to African American Hair Types.  One line that caught my eye  is “The Mane Choice“…I’ve dabbled in their products here and there over the years, but after following their Instagram account, I was definitely inspired to try the “Heavenly Halo Collection”. Here is a short YouTube video of how I used the products:


Ok, Ok….so I was sold…but I needed to take it a step further and get a professional to tame my hair some more.  I knew that my ends were a bit uneven and I needed to take an inch or two off. So I set an appointment with my beautician & she transformed my hair:

See the difference?

She explained to me how important getting a trim every 3 months was, I never realized that as I was so focused on “lenght”…..listen babes, healthy hair is better than Long Hair!

Since then, I’ve been rocking my real hair. Happily. Here are a few tips that work for me!

  1. Never Underestimate the importance of a Trim.
  2. Take multivitamins Faithfully
  3. Increase Water Intake
  4. Find a hair line that caters to your hair’s specific needs
  5. Keep a knowleagble Beautician on your team

#HairGoals are definitely a part of my 2018 #Goals.

What are your hair goals?


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