The Importance of Planning


I totally underestimated the schedule of having two school-aged children + Extra Curricular activities + PTA meetings + Home life + social life + Mommy Life + My business schedule…shall I go on? I’m sure you get the picture.

I’ve always been the type of person to like to visualize what needed to be done the next day in my head…from there, I would just jot it all down, and cross out as I go. In my early Mommy-years, I invested in a fancy type of planner honestly, because I thought that it was cute. After purchase, I stumbled across a few YouTubers that were serious with their planners and had purchased the same (or similar) planner that I did. I watched, in awe, then I wanted to slap myself because all of the “mind planning” that I was doing back in the day could have been much more simple! Since  2012, I’ve been using the Happy Planner to plan my Days, Weeks, Months, Hours 🙂 It’s not just about planning and having an idea of what needs to be done that is relieving, its the creative side that is also relieving. I’ve always been a hands on person, whether braiding hair, using my nursing skills, arts and crafts with my kids, touching up on my sign-language skills,  I like using my hands. It triggers my brain to activate into this creative monster and with all of the creative accessories that you can add to the planner, it makes planning fun for me. I believe in the importance of giving your mind a few minutes to take mental break from what it’s used to focus on every day. It will recharge you and not drain you mentally. I would love to go more into that topic. If you would like for me to do a separate blog post on that, comment below or send me a message!

Back to Planning…

The Importance of Planning

1) Increased Productivity

I’ll admit it, some days I do not feel productive. It’s the worst feeling when I lay in bed, preparing to go to sleep and realize that I forgot to do something.

2) Peace of Mind

* I’m all about this. Planning can greatly reduce stress. Popper planning gives me peace of mind knowing that my goals are reachable

3) Keeps me on schedule

*Planning serves as a way to clearly illustrate whether or not I’m staying on schedule fo the week. It definitely imporves my time management.

4) Commit to Memories

*Because as I get older, I realize that the best way for me to remember something important is to WRITE IT DOWN. If its super important, I use highlighters or colored pens to color code it, or I designate it with my own special code like: stars, underlines, circles or whatever creative way that comes to mind. Remember more, Forget Less.

5) Have a Record

*One of the main advantages to having a planner is that I have easy access to record all of my tasks, appointments, notes, confirmation numbers, pay days, etc. When I don’t remember the last time I met up with my friend, got my nails done or saw my doctor? I just grab my Planner and flip back a few weeks or months. Gbam. Easy Peasy 🙂

You don’t have to purchase a fancy planner, any planner can do the job. Just make sure that it’s one that accommodates to the entire year and has a layout that you like (I’m so picky about that!)

Coming up with your own planning  style can take your planner action to the next level. It’s almost that time to buy a new planner for 2018! I’m torn between The Happy Planner and the Erin Condren Planner!

What kind of planner will be your go-to for 2018?


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One thought on “The Importance of Planning

  1. I use a Happy Planner, too! I find a planner helpful for all of the points you mentioned in your post, plus I find if motivating! Looking through my planner to see the tasks I completed feels very rewarding 😉


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