How to Plan a Fabulous Staycation with Kids!

Everyone gets stressed sometimes, and to avoid burning out-we all need an occasional break from work, chores and other day-to-day obligations. Of course, I would prefer to take my breaks somewhere warm, sunny and far far away 🙂 but sometimes, due to time constraints, a staycation is necessary.

Why I love a staycation
  • Taking a staycation can be just as relaxing as taking a trip, and since you don’t have to worry about travel expenses, you might even enjoy it more!
  • I feel rested
  • Family Time


Where to stay

…because Houston is SO big, we prefer Resorts, Hotels or Lodges around town!


These 9 Staycation ideas will help you plan a fabulous staycation!
  1. Enjoy Hotel Amenities-It’s ok to not have to worry about cooking or cleaning, utilize room service during your stay! They’ll take care of it all 🙂
  2. Be a tourist for a day-There is always something new to learn/discover. Get up and explore your town.
  3. Have a spa day-One of my absolute favorites. Most hotels/Resorts/Lodges in Houston have Spa’s, it’s always a perk!
  4. Eat Something New or Try a new restaurant-search your location on Yelp and see whats trending near you.
  5. Play Games-We always play a board game during our family staycations. It’s fun and brings togetherness. Even if we don’t know what the heck we’re doing 🙂
  6. Stay away from electronics-We try to limit cell phone/ipad time. Emphasis on the word ‘try’
  7. Watch a Movie-Most resorts in or around Houston have family movie night at the pool or on grounds during the weekends! The kids love it!
  8. Go to an event-Snapchat now has a map feature, with your location on, it will show you tons of events, live, going on near you. Good ‘ole Google can do the trick also 🙂
  9. Go Swimming- Do you have kids? Take them to a pool. Easy-peasy.unnamed (1)


xo- @Ofure

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