Sunday Preps for the Week + Mommy Tips

I try to enjoy my weekends all the way until Sunday stops feeling like Sunday and the anxiety of Monday sets in. I used to be a person that ran around like a chicken with it’s head cut off because I never prepared for the week ahead…and with two kids-I had no idea what I was thinking.

Whether you go to an office each day, a stay at home mom or even a student, prepping for the week ahead is imperative. I have to say, the trick to a successful week ahead is all about how you prep on a Sunday.

These are just a few things that I do every Sunday to help manage my Monday + the rest of the week:

6 Sunday Prep Tips!

1. Check the weather for the week. Especially in Houston! If you live anywhere that has similar weather (where you may experience all 4 seasons within 1 week & sometimes 1 day) then checking the weather should be a must. My weather app is front & center on my phone screen.  🙂

2. Pick out your clothes/kids clothes. Whether you do this for the week or for the next day, it is so helpful to know what you and your kids are going to wear. If you’re anything like me, it can take you forever to find something to wear.

3. Plan out your meals, make a grocery list and grocery shop! This is such a time saver! First, I write down an idea of what we are going to eat for the week (of course I take requests from my husband & our munchkins)  then make my grocery list and grocery shop! It may seem like a lot but I must say, grocery shopping online and using  H-E-B Curbside pickup where they deliver all of your groceries straight to your car totally helps. H-E-B curbside saves me time from roaming all over the store and buying unnecessary things that will then go to waste. For example, this weeks menu includes: Lasagna, Jellof Rice, Assorted meats, Regular Rice and Stew, Tilapia and Spinach).

4. Do all your laundry. Well, as much as you can. I still need to work on this one myself, but it feels darn good knowing that all of our laundry is done when i am able to accomplish this one. #Goals

5. Do a quick 10-30 minute organization prep. I hate coming downstairs in the morning and seeing a pile of dirty dishes in the sink & things out of place. I like to make sure that our essentials are stocked and placed where they need to be, doing that on Sunday saves time in the morning + during the week.

6. TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF. As the saying goes, A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. I always try to make sure that I take time out to do something for myself on Sunday. Whether it means getting my nails done, running, writing in my prayer journal or brunch with the is important to reset your mind to get you ready for whatever the week has to throw at you!

I promised myself to get more organized this year and it will happen!

Positivity is a choice.


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