Picture Day Hair! Box + Crotchet Braids ft: Mochi Twist Hair for Children

With the new school year in full swing, picture day came quicker that I thought! I found myself, once again, scurrying for a quick and easy protective style for Olivia not only for picture day, but because she has just finished a style that left her natural hair to flow in the wind  (in Olivia’s words, a ‘Big Girl Hairstyle’). I alternate between “Big Girl Hairstyles” and Protective Styles. This post is going to be a protective style that Olivia is currently rocking featuring  Mochi Twist Hair for Children by Harlem125Hair.



I used 2.5 packs of this hair. This  hair can be purchased from your local beauty supply but if you are in Houston, NG Beauty Supply never lets me down, they have a great selection. My first impression of the hair is that it is super soft, looks natural when installed and is tangle free (as of now). I will do an update on the hair once Olivia has worn it for a couple of weeks.

Now lets get to the good stuff 🙂

For this style, I part her hair in 4 sections, co-washed and trimmed each section, then began to braid.
The braid pattern that I used for the back of her hair is ONE connected braid into a ‘Swivel’ pattern. I tucked the end of her braid  underneath the rows with my crotchet stick.


An example of  amount of hair in one bundle out of the pack-vs the amount of hair that I use. A little goes a long way:



Double knot after you crotchet for less to no shedding.
After the back of her hair was crocheted, I braided 14 INDIVIDUAL braids on the front parameter of her hair. I left a single cornrow in the middle to crochet for a more full look.


The base before it’s put into a ponytail. Before and After:









Picture Day ready!

Total time: 2.5 Hours (1 Hour for co-washing, 30 minutes for Braiding, 30 minutes to crotchet, 3o Minutes to trim/cut)

Olivia’s flower headband is also from NG Beauty Supply.


Feel free to ask me any questions you may have 🙂


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