6 Simple Braids: Summer Fun Hair for Girls!

Summer is in full effect and my little ones are enjoying every minute of it (I’m sure yours are too). The water, the parties, the fun and the sun, but that leaves us Mama’s having to be on top of our game with protecting their well-being including; skin & hair (just to name a few). I have to get creative with my natural hair baby because the last thing I want for her hair is damage. I’m all about creating simple, easy styles on my little one because if I loathe spending hours getting my hair done, why would I want my daughter to? I’ve taken a few pictures of Olivia’s new do that was pretty simple yet cute. An easy 6 braids total (3 on each side) with the front two braids bulled back and secured with a rubber band (or bow, your choice). Remember, just because their hair is braided does not mean you shouldn’t care for their hair/scalp. That is still most important. I achieved this style in 30 minutes. Feel free to ask me any questions, like or share this post! Enjoy!






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