Lock&Twist Braiding Hair Style for Girls

Hi readers! How are you guys liking my weekly posts? Hair extensions on little girls is such a touchy subject in the hair world. Although I do love my babys’ hair with baby hair and afro’s, I’m not against braided hair extensions as long as it’s installed safely, correctly, comfortably and is SUITABLE for your little one (no sew in’s!) A little attachment to braids never hurt anyone when done right. My natural hair is down my back and I’ve never been a stranger to braiding hair attachments.

unnamed (24)
May 2016 length check

As moms of different backgrounds, whether your working, stay-at-home, traveling, etc…we all have different needs and experiences when it comes to our daughter’s hair. For example, I’m a working mom of 2, and my daughter is natural, very active, and tender-headed, so a few day’s break from tears and associated with doing her hair, with help from braiding attachments, is helpful when my time is limited. Today, I’m sharing with you an oldie but goodie on how I add natural looking hair extensions to my 4 year old daughter’s braids. Enjoy and feel free to ask me any questions on products that I use on her natural hair texture!

The hair that I used to achieve this style is the Bobbi Boss Lock & Twist Braiding Hair in color number 1B.


I began with braiding down a row of her real hair, leaving a finger-tip’s length of her natural hair free.

unnamed (3)

I then attach the braiding hair to her natural hair for length (this style will be put in a high ponytail) Please, make sure the extensions used are as close to their hair type as possible!

unnamed (1)


I repeat this process x3 (I only braided down/cornrowed 4 braids in the front of her hair)

unnamed (2)

I then separated the braids with extensions from her natural hair (I’m holding the extensions at the top of her hair), see the beautiful blend? Then I moisturize and care for her natural hair.

unnamed (4)

I then brush the back of her hair into a high ponytail and blend the braid extensions with her natural hair.

unnamed (12)

It’s only right to top it off with a bow 🙂

unnamed (6)unnamed (7)unnamed (11)unnamed (9)

I achieved this simple, easy, age appropriate hair style in about 45 minutes. That week was very busy for us having gymnastics and dance practice 4 times that week, I had 99 problems but her hair wasn’t one 😉

Be sure to care for you’re little one’s hair while it’s in braids, it’s not only about looking pretty, its’s about caring for whats natural.

unnamed (8)




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