My First Silk-Press at Studio Redd Salon

Although I absolutely love wearing hair extensions, taking care of my natural hair is always a must. That’s why when I thought of getting my hair straightened, the first person that came to mind is Tina, owner of Studio Redd Salon. Reason being because she has many years of knowledge and experience when it comes to the hair care and maintenance of ALL hair types. Plus, have you checked out the before and after pictures of her work on her Instagram page @StudioRedd_Salon ? Go ahead and take a look….your welcome 🙂

Like everyone else, I felt like I was a special case because:

  1. I’m tender-headed (meaning I have a sensitive scalp, I still cringe when I my hair is combed)
  2. I hadn’t had my natural hair professionally cared for in years.
  3. Her Salon is conveniently located in Sugar Land, TX.
  4. I remembered her from high school, always nice, humble and her hair always stayed FLY.

I scheduled for a silk press to be done and I got just that PLUS and a ton of knowledge on managing my natural hair. I chose the silk press because I wanted my natural hair bone straight for once, but done in a healthy way. A silk press is simply a modern day press performed with a ceramic flat iron. Absolutely no grease was used (Tina used high quality products) and my hair was left soft and silky with lots of body and movement.

I also didn’t flinch during the process!

Tina was able to transform my hair from this:

unnamed (1)

To this!


unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)
unnamed (4)

For more information, visit her Instagram page @StudioRedd_Salon 


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One thought on “My First Silk-Press at Studio Redd Salon

  1. This is such an honor, and definitely a highlight in my career. Thank you so much for making me feel special and appreciated ..


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