The Houston Museum of Natural Science-Sugar Land!

Happy Monday and Hello to anyone that is stopping by my blog for the first time 🙂

We frequently visit the Houston Museum of Natural Science at Sugar land . It all started after a friend of mine hosted her son’s birthday party there last year and my 3 year old Olivia has been hooked since. They have a small dinosaur exhibit that Olivia loves. She has some sort of fascination with dinosaurs which has my one year old slightly fascinated also (i’m just trying to teach him to say dinosaur instead of “roar” every time he see’s one lol!)

Today’s blog post is just to take ya’ll along with us on our last visit to the museum!

As we walk in, Olivia is so eager to take pictures of the fossils and save them in her pretend “iPhone 6 plus” as she calls it (but it’s really a mini iPod that my nephew gave her lol!)…

unnamed (6)

We walk around and see whats new, we usually stop and read about birds, butterflies, etc…

unnamed (4)

Then Olivia’s excitement builds as we enter the dinosaur exhibit…


On this particular day, they had a special exhibit called “whats in a tree-house?” was pretty neat as the children learned how tree-houses are built, different machines used to build a tree-house, and they even had an area where you could make your own makeshift tree-house..

unnamed (2)
They were so serious lol!

Liv Enjoyed walking through the model tree-house.

unnamed (1)

After the tree-house fun, we stopped by another one of Liv’s favorites, the Dig Pit. Here, I let her imagination run wild as she searched for fossils.

unnamed (3)

They also have a Dig Pit for the little ones ages 2 and under. Mason loved it.

unnamed (5)

If you don’t have time to visit the main Houston location of the Museum of Natural Science , The Sugar land location is a great alternative. It’s local, convenient and still tons of fun for the kids! Science is sweet 🙂

What kind of museum exhibits do you or your little ones enjoy?


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