“Sealing the Deal”

  Growing up, hair was a big deal in our household. In my family, we have a lot of hair and take pride in our hair. My mom is the person who taught me how to braid and really take care of our beautiful African Coils. Thanks Mommy, because now I’m using it all on my kiddos 🙂

When I feel Olivia’s hair get a little dry (especially in the winter time) I like to do protective, moisturizing styles that are simple, cute and age appropriate. I will sometimes leave it as styled for about a week while it packs up moisture in twists or bantu knot styles (for example). Once I feel like the moisture is back in full effect, I feel more comfortable with doing funky twist outs that Olivia loves.

Back to the subject. I begin with sealing the moisture in her hair by styling it while it’s damp, using leave in conditioner and oils of my choice. For example: Coconut oil, Clove oil, Olive Oil or Shea butter (also a dab of pure Vegetable Glycerin always does the trick)…Pictured below is what it looks like right after I wash, condition and apply oil:

unnamed (1)
Pictured below is an example of how I would “seal the deal” but leave it in a style that she could still play and go to school in:
unnamed (2)
unnamed (3)
unnamed (4)
We can’t forget about Mason! Hair care is just as important for guys as it is for the girls. This is a throwback picture of Mason when he was about 8 months. Oh I just loved his curls 🙂
unnamed (23)
…..my little man is growing up fast, but Mommy isn’t quite ready to cut all of his hair off, so he goes to the barber to keep up his cool look with hair still at the top. Typical me, I’m not all for the traditional hair cuts :p
unnamed (5)


What are your favorite protective styles?

-Ofure Charlotte

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