My Summer go-to Foundation (for oily skin)

Hello July!

The summer is flying by and Houston has no mercy with its heat, leaving us with oily skin in a slight panic, lol. I have very oily skin and each summer, it’s a different foundation routine. So far, Milk of Magnesia has been my go-to choice of primer and I won’t even look at makeup foundation if it doesn’t have the magic word….

Matte 🙂

Out of all the Matte Foundations that I’ve tried thus far, L’oreal Infallible Pro-Matte has been a winner. It was neck and neck with Becca ever matte foundation, but after weighing the pro’s and con’s, L’oreal Infallible won hands down. (Click on the picture below for more information on this foundation)

unnamed (7)


  • Easy to use bottle
  • No mess
  • Full Coverage
  • Compact
  • Light weight
  • SUPER Matte
  • Little to no transfers
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Lasts all day
  • When used with L’oreal Pro-Mattte Powder, it is heaven sent


  • Limited Shades (I often have to mix 2 shades together to match my exact skin tone, Soft Sable and Cocoa)
  • Dries fast, so you have to blend fast when applying on your face!

In my case, the pro’s outweighs the cons!

(Disclaimer: This review is from my personal experience. This is not a paid review)

What is your favorite go-to foundation?

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