PigTail Box Braids

This is a style that I did for Liv because we were just super busy for a few weeks straight. I wanted a hair-style that was versatile and can go with the flow with any occasion (and outfit).

unnamed (5)

I added extra hair to achieve this look. Adding the extra hair not only makes her hairstyle last longer, but it’s an awesome way to protect her natural hair during busy summer activities such as swimming, sports, etc.

The extra hair added was From the Freetress Brand, style: Bohemian Curl and purchased at a local beauty supply for roughly $5.99. I dig this look because it looks so natural! It’s the closest to Olivia’s natural hair texture and very easy to maintain.  I used only one pack. (Separate the curls and tease the hair lightly to make it appear thicker).

unnamed (6)

To achieve this style was simple. There are 25 braids total (5 horizontal rows of 5 braids in each row). Braid as you would braid regular box-type braids, but make sure that you are using the same density of hair per braid because this will play a roll in making sure that both pigtails are even.

I can also put this style in one single high ponytail for her, but I feel like the pigtails are more age appropriate 🙂

Thanks for reading!

-Ofure Charlotte


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