NoseFrida the Snotsucker

This product has been awesome this past winter season.
With Houston’s up and down weather during winter 2014, my kids would get a runny nose here and there. After my older sister swore by this product, I thought, why not? (Thanks sissy boom) It’s super safe & although it might look a little weird, it works. Seriously.

Here is how it works…

Instructions Via :

1) The disposable filter should be in place to prevent mucus or bacterial transfer.
2) Place the large tube against the child’s nostril, creating a seal.
3) Use the red mouthpiece to SUCK out the snot. TIPS: Move the tube in a circular motion against the nostril – you will hear and see the mucus coming out of the nose. A few drops of saline                  solution in each nostril will help loosen thick mucus before using Nosefrida.
4) To clean, detach all of the pieces, and dispose of the filter. All pieces EXCEPT for the long thin tube should be cleaned with hot water and dish soap (they are also top-rack dishwasher safe).The      long thin tube should be cleaned with a few drops of rubbing alcohol and shaken out to dry.

Yep, just suck it out! Simple 🙂

My sister and I get ours from Target. You can also purchase and learn more about the product on their website:

Oh..and look who I found copying Mommy:

She had no idea that I took this picture lol

No need for me to take a picture of how to use the Nosefrida, Olivia NAILED IT!

…ps: It’s safe for newborns and preemies!

Xo-Ofure Charlotte

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2 thoughts on “NoseFrida the Snotsucker

  1. I have tried this a few times and it really does work. But I think it works better on non-fussy kids. My daughter REFUSES to sit still long enough for me to use this. I was able to use it a few times when she was smaller but now that she’s getting a little more strength, it is a struggle. I do like that the filter acts as a barrier for ensuring nothing gets through.
    Your daughter totally nailed it on how to use the product.


    1. It definitely works better on non-fussy kids! I used one the other day on my son and he was not having it, lol! It still got the job done, but boy oh boy lol!

      I hope all is well!


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