“Pee-Pee Party”


#Phew! We made it ya’ll! It’s the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend. Give yourselves a round of applause for getting here!

I’m currently in the process of potty training (Que in the horror music here) πŸ˜† Well, it’s not that bad of a process, but it is indeed a process. I thank God for my experienced Mommy friends that give me great advice (Christine Scott, Dalia, Tasha, Azuka, Valentine, Amy Β & my sister Charlene…just to mame a few)..That support is so important in this hood called Motherhood. If you don’t know, now ya know 😎

Olivia is just like me when I was little, so excited about EVERYTHING and full of energy. She is my husband’s physical twin, but definitely my personality twin. With that being said, I knew that each milestone that she conquers should be a celebration. I believe that positive gratification is the key to positive behavior. So I wanted to let Olivia know that Mommy is very happy that she used the potty! Β Besides the praises, dancing, jumping up and down chanting, “You did it!” after each successful session, I thought it would be nice to throw her a mini pee-pee party at Chick-fil-A with just the two of us.

My thoughts while driving: Β “The employee’s there are always so friendly, so if I go inside and explain to them that I am celebrating my daughter using the potty successfully, they will comply and not think I’m crazy…right?”

Well I must say, they were just as excited as I was, SCORE! So with that being said, the party began:


One of the sweet Chick-fil-a employees, Stephanie, giving Olivia words of encouragement
High five for the big girl!
Sweet Hugs
A second Chick-fil-a employee stopped by to congratulate Olivia!
A free cow from the manager!
A third employee stopped by from working the drive-thru to give Olivia a free ice-cream cone! These young ladies were so sweet πŸ™‚


Olivia ended her Chick-fil-a “Pee-Pee Party” in the playplace πŸ™‚

Our potty training process is far from perfect, and that is totally OK with me. I would say that we are about 75% potty trained, with some work to do. Olivia is 2 and a half years old and as my Mom would say, “Don’t rush..” ……trust me, I’m not. There is no single, guaranteed method for success in potty training. You’ve got to choose your strategy based on the kind of kid your child is & the kind of parent that you are. Each child learns at their own pace and believe me, the day Olivia is fully off of pull-ups, I’m going to just cry! I already feel myself getting emotional now just typing this lol! I’m a mess πŸ˜†

I would love to hear your potty training tips and/or stories! Sharing is caring πŸ™‚

Have a blessed weekend!


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9 thoughts on ““Pee-Pee Party”

  1. this is the cutest story ever! as a mom with a toddler boy about the same age as yours i appreciate this story.. i will be incorporating this party idea with my little boy as we go on our journey as well! Good Luck!


  2. Oh I’m loving this idea. I’m trying my best with Madison as well and I actually have a potty training post that I plan on posting on Sunday. We’re about 75% too and today she told me “I am not using the bathroom” πŸ™‚ High Five Olivia!!


  3. Well done to Olivia! And that’s a great idea too, the party bit! We went through the potty training a few week ago and it’s definitely a very proud mummy moment! Timing is definitely everything and like your mum said don’t rush or we’d end up frustrating everyone involved! Good luck and keep it up! Xx


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