Welcome Home Baby Mason!

Some kind of blogger I am. After giving birth I just abandoned the blog world! Shame on me….but no one told me that I would be this busy after 2 kiddo’s! (I still can’t believe that I’m saying *2* Kiddo’s) …lol šŸ™‚
Well I’m still here, alive, well, and eager to share this overdue blog post!

Newborn Update: Mason “The Man” as they call him, is now 3 Months!

Watermarked Photo

What a big boy! Aarghhhh I just love him!

Mason looks JUST like his daddy, but there is one thing that Mason and I share…we are both not patient! Lol! Mason was very eager to get here & he came out a tad bit early (3 weeks early)..before I was able to have any kind of baby shower. Every pregnancy is different. For example, my sweet Olivia was a post-term baby and my handsome Mason was a late pre-term baby. I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum. So I will be a Pro by the time we have our 3rd kiddo šŸ˜‰

I’m blessed to have such wonderful family and friends get together and throw Baby Mason a Welcome Home Party. It was tons of fun and everyone got to meet & greet #MasontheMan šŸ™‚

Here are a few pics from Mason’s Welcome Home Party.

Shout out to one of my favorite photographers Steve. Check out his work at:Ā www.SteveStylesPhotography.com

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4 thoughts on “Welcome Home Baby Mason!

  1. It did seem as though you abandoned us but it’s good to see you blogging again. I did miss you but got to experience you via instagram. Don’t forget us and keep on blogging and sharing your beautiful babies with us. Just noticed you’re no longer on blogger either. šŸ™‚


    1. Im so glad to be blogging again! There is no way I’ll forget ya’ll! I said bye bye to blogger, which was another reason why i was missing for a while (the transition) ..but im happy with my new host and i didnt lose my content! Yay! Lol. Thank you so much for the motivation to keep going. Kisses to sweet Madison from us! šŸ™‚


  2. Ofure, welcome back girl. I was stalking you for weeks for updates on the new baby.

    Congratulation on baby Mason, 3 months already, wowza. I guess it’s been that long :).

    Such beautiful pictures, you look fab-u-lous. I love that you always take pics with just your hubby, after all you were an item before those kids (plural by the way :)) came.

    I smiled a bit when you said you’ll know what to do for baby #3, hehehehehe, I love people who want to populate the world as much as we do :).

    I hope you’ll be back to posting more because I thoroughly enjoy your post and pics. Have fun with those kids. You have such a beautiful family.


    1. Thanx so much babe!
      Awww thanx for the support, you should have just given me a virtual nudge that made snap out of it lol!

      Girl I’m trying to be a fab Mommy like you šŸ™‚ Taking pics with the hubby is so necessary, it’s fun to see how much we have grown since we were just “know it all teens” lol!

      Me & you are on the same page, we must definitely populate the world with our little blessings!

      FYI: I am about to totally creep on your blog tonight! I can’t wait to catch up with your BEAUTIFUL family!!



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