Our Last Family of 3 #Selfie

…as my pregnancy drew to a close, we were running all over Houston getting last minute things to prepare for our new baby’s arrival, as well as Olivia’s new big girl room….but one day while running errands in Ikea with my husband, I started to feel contractions, for the first.time.EVER.

I know, you are thinking, “How could this be your first time feeling contractions with this being your 2nd pregnancy?”
Well, I am a c-section Mama. I’ve always known that I would need a c-section when delivering my children and I am totally OK with that. As long as I can bear my children, a c-section is ALL good with me 🙂

Fast Forward to later on that day, we made it to my doctors office and the hospital just in time to deliver my baby! My doctor looked at me and simply said, “its GO time!”

…but first, let us take a #Selfie!

This was our last #Selfie as a family of 3!

We were literally minutes away from meeting our baby boy in this picture. I was super excited and very anxious..but I can’t say the same for Olivia, lol!

..and just like that, Mason was here!
This is our first #Selfie with our new precious baby boy, Mason!
Mommy, Daddy & Mason. May 6th, 2014 @ 6:31pm


Ya’ll know I love to capture every single moment, even if I’m looking a hot mess 🙂
…thank you to everyone for all of the well wishes and checking up on us. We are doing great and I’m extremely happy to have these 2 precious babies!


……Oh & i’m back to bloggin’..sorry for the hiatus!

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5 thoughts on “Our Last Family of 3 #Selfie

  1. YAY you are back, I had been checking your blog for updates. Congratulations!!!

    I laughed so hard at “but first let us take a selfie”, that is totally something I would do.

    Can't wait to hear all the good stories and see more pics of your growing family. Keep documenting these beautiful moments.

    Welcome back to the blogging 🙂 and PS – you look so happy (and it is so refreshing to see), hot mess, please :).


  2. Congratulations Ofure!
    This is Greg, your little cousin from MD, Grace's son lol. I'm happy I came across your page. You have a nice blog and a beautiful family. I wish you all the best.


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