Preggo Tips: "Fatigue 101"

Hey Loves!
My honest excuse for not blogging in 3 weeks is this…


Yep, the least I can do is be honest with my readers. This prego Mama is tired as heck! I’m approaching the end of my third trimester and I’m still as busy as ever. A lot of people say, “oh you make it look easy…” Sometimes, I don’t know whether to take that as a compliment or not because although I am a busy body, I’m definitely not trying be superwoman! Lol

As my pregnancy draws to a close, I’d like to share some of the things that help me fight pregnancy fatigue.

Yes, pregnancy gets exhausting at times. The word “fatigue” is just an understatement. I must say, pregnancy with my second child is a lot easier..simply because I now KNOW what to expect…and what to do. Here are some tips that help me when I’m at that tipping point of exhaustion:
1) Go to bed earlier than usual.
Pregnant woman sleeping
2) Use pillows/or maternity pillows, for comfort while resting. 

3) Don’t go to bed tense, usually a warm shower (or good back massage) will make your night’s sleep more comfy.


4) Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate. Drink water throughout the day! Dehydration is a factor in exhaustion.


5) Reduce stress. This is the time to be more focused on you, your baby (babies) & growing family. Anything out of that circle should not be a stressor. 


6) Excercise: what helps me fight my fatigue is the treadmill! I just keep a steady speed of 2.5-3.5. I play around with the inclines also. After an hour, I have so much energy!


7) Eat often. Resist skipping meals, opt for small snacks instead. With or without diabetes, its imprtant to keep your blood sugar at a normal level during pregnancy.


7) Make smarter eating choices. Sure I indulge in cravings here and there, but for my main meals, i make sure to bake instead of fry, use brown instead of white, etc… & I add lots of fruits/veggies which definitely puts some “pep in your step/waddle” 😉


8) Listen to your body, if you are tired, rest.


9) Dont book activities or take care of chores that arent essential.


10) Take those prenatals! 


..I hope this helps! 


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