Family Photoshoot + Surprise!


If you know me, then you know I love pictures! I think it comes from me not having a lot of pictures of myself when I was a baby/toddler. I blame it our move from Nigeria to America…a lot of things were left behind 😦

I make it our family tradition to have professional family pics taken every year in a different theme. Our first year, we did traditional studio pics..boring lol! But i just wanted them for the books lol.
Our December 2012 Christmas pictures


Our December 2012 Christmas pictures were taken at Picture People Studios. They were really nice & work well with kids, but I would not go back unless I have a serious coupon…this place was pricey! You are limited to how many poses that you can get (of course, the more poses, the higher the price).
To sum it up, I feel that you will get more for your buck with a freelance photographer.

Speaking of Freelance Photography…

This year, I wanted something fun & outdoors! Plus with my busy toddler, I  wanted a lot of distractions to keep her smiling 🙂
My long time friend Austin Goswick, owner of Goswick Photography, always understands my crazy visions and brings them to life!
Austin doing what he does best

Contact Goswick Photography today for your pictures!



It was a must that I packed some toddler must haves for our photoshoot outing, because quite frankly..these little humans are busy little beings!

What I packed for my Toddler for our outside photoshoot:
-The basics (diapers, wipes)
-A change of clothes & shoes (for those “just in case” moments)
-Hair care supplies (comb, extra rubber bands/scrunchies & Olive oil mist)
-Extra hair bows (you can never have enough)

-Various snacks including SKITTLES! I got that idea from my awesome friend Tinnell Sloan’s instagram picture below:

Adorable Rilee with her Skittles in hand
during her family’s photoshoot

Thank Goodness for Skittles! Thanks to Tinnell for sharing that also! Follow her Instagram page and encourage her to start blogging! She’s the jack of all trades 🙂

Let’s get right into my favorite pictures from our Family Christmas 2013/New Years 2014 photoshoot in a Photblast:



Saving the best for last! My number one favorite:

Can you tell why this is my favorite picture? 😉


Baby number 2 wanted to make his debut!

Our family pictures had one EXTRA guest this year, how sweet is that?

Olivia is super excited!


God is Good 🙂


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12 thoughts on “Family Photoshoot + Surprise!

  1. Congratulations on baby #2 and I'm so happy for you guys! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous but then it had gorgeous people in them. 🙂 As for Olivia, she is so photogenic, always smiling. I can never get Madison to smile ever. I might have to use that Skittles tip and see if it works. Hope you're having a great weekend my friend!


  2. Thank you so much Mama! I hope that ya'll had a blast during Madison's Birthday Weekend!

    When my friend Tinnell shared that the skittles helped her little one, I had to try it because sometimes, Olivia is just not in the smiling/picture mood so i totally understand! Madison is a little cutie & I love all of her pics, smile or no smile lol! Let me know if the skittles helps!


  3. Thank you so much for the sweet well wishes!

    I totally agree, kuddos to child photographers because these little ones are BUSY! Lol! I bet those family pictures of yours are priceless! Thats all that matters 😉


  4. Such a beautiful post. Congratulations on baby #2, that was an awesome announcement for sure :).

    You have a beautiful family and I love that you capture every growing moment through pics.


  5. Thank you so much! Congrats to you also on baby #3!

    It's so important to capture those family moments, I love the way that you capture yours also!

    I just read your post on your concerns on how you will juggle life with 3 kiddo's 3 & under! I think ya'll will be awesome, you are an awesome mommy with a loving husband and great family support 🙂

    Love your blog, can't wait for your new addition to make his arrival 🙂


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