Back on Track

The holiday season always gets me!

Whatever “diet” or “clean eating” habit my husband & I developed  during the year goes out the window come Thanksgiving & beyond. To put it in simple terms, we LOVE food (a little too much) lol.
So sad…
Well, we are back on it lol. Better late than never. We started off the week in the gym and also did a serious juice cleanse and I must say, im glad we did it.
Gosh, i feel so much better and a lot less sluggish…
I definitely want to do better with my eating habits for more reasons than one.
Below is a Green Juice recipe that I made the other day. Its very simple & yummers:


Ingredients (for 24oz):

-Kale (4 sticks)

-Cucumber (1 whole)
-Green Apple (1 whole)
-Pear (1 whole)
I like juicing with Cucumbers not only because they are infused with tons of liquid…but because they are very hydrating. I’m the type that is always thirsty….I soak up fluids like a sponge. I’m always drinking something (water, juice..etc)..and nowadays, my thirst level is through the roof! After juicing with cucumbers, its hydrating effects leave me feeling not so thirsty anymore, in return curbing my craving for sweet, calorie filled juices.

More reasons I drink Cucumber Juice:

-It decreases puffiness & dark circles under & around your eyes
-It aids in skin repair inside & out
-It has antioxidants great for your blood
-It aids in digestion
…look, as long as there are beauty benefits, I’m all in! 😉
Happy Thursday loves.

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8 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. I agree, better late than never. Hubby is a big juicer, me not so much. I'm guessing that it might have a sweet taste with the apple and the pear. I only drink them if they're sorta sweet. I may have to give this one a try. Hope you're enjoying the start of your weekend.


  2. That's awesome that your hubby is a big juicer! You are like me, i can only tolerate the sweeter juices, (our men seem to gobble down the worsts tasting juices with ease!) eeek! Not I lol! I always sweeten my juices up with a tangy fruit or some good 'ole Coconut Water. I hope that ya'll have a great weekend my loves!!


  3. Lol @ the green color scaring you! It used to steer me clear also, but looks are deceiving! I always sweeten mine up with a tangy fruit or a dash of some good 'ole Coconut Water! I'm sure you will eventually love it! 🙂


  4. Oh I don't like anything green. When I think of green I think of veggies which I don't like. My juices have to have a bit of color and preferably sweet. Found you on Growing Up Madison. Love your little Olivia in her MillieMoo Leggings.


  5. Hi Marielle! I agree, Kale will clean out your system at times 😉 …but of course you can substitute with spinach! Your juice will actually turn out sweeter because spinach has such a milder taste than Kale. Try it out & let me know if you like it! (p.s. I absolutely love your name!)


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