Month: January 2014

Wiggin’ Out + Weekend Recap

I don’t have much of a weekend recap to give because our weekend was pretty boring. No birthday parties or events, so we had much rest & relaxation. I’ll start our weekend recap from Thursday because on Friday this happened: Everything was closed on Friday So we were indoors all day Friday. There was no…

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Back on Track

The holiday season always gets me! Whatever “diet” or “clean eating” habit my husband & I developed  during the year goes out the window come Thanksgiving & beyond. To put it in simple terms, we LOVE food (a little too much) lol. So sad… Well, we are back on it lol. Better late than never.…

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Happy New Year!

Wow, its crazy how fast time goes. 2013 was fun, I had a few challenges that I conquered with success and I feel like I am going into 2014 with a stronger mental mind frame.  Hello 2014! This year has a lot in store for my family & I am super excited. I believe in…

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