Sweet & Tangy Fruit Smoothie


How weird is it that I crave sweet, cold, thick fruit smoothies at night? I think the best way to mix these are to mix to your liking. Lately, blackberries have been my fruit of choice, so it was a must that I threw a few in this late night smoothie mix fix 🙂

Below are a list of ingredients that I used for this smoothie:

You know its a hit if your little one loves it!
Whats your favorite smoothie mix? I’d love to hear 🙂
Happy Friday!

Wiggin’ Out + Weekend Recap

I don’t have much of a weekend recap to give because our weekend was pretty boring. No birthday parties or events, so we had much rest & relaxation.

I’ll start our weekend recap from Thursday because on Friday this happened:
Everything was closed on Friday

So we were indoors all day Friday. There was no way I was getting on the road with all that ice! Yea, i know..we are so dramatic in Texas (lol)…

Anywho, on Thursday I had my anatomy scan..its pretty much an extensive ultrasound that you get halfway through your pregnancy to make sure the baby is a-ok. I thank God that baby boy is doing awesome!
On the morning of my Anatomy scan, I woke up feeling fun & flirty..i think my hormones had a lot to do with that lol! Well, to add fuel to the emotions, i decided to go into my wig stash (yes, you heard me right)..wig stash, and pull out a brownish blondish short wig & slap on some red lipstick. My hubby was like “ummmm…baby, you ok!?”
Lol..Yes i was! I just wanted a different look for that day..plus, i was super excited to see my baby boy!
Smh @ me..that look only lasted one day.
Waiting to see our baby boy

On Saturday, I spent the morning cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. This pregnancy has me more of a clean freak than I’ve ever been.

I went back to my regular hair-do on Saturday..just like that, I was over the fun & flirty lol.
Yay, back to myself!

Later Saturday afternoon, I figured Olivia was bored, so I took her to the nearest mall just so we can walk around and grab a few goodies.


On our way to the mall

We found a random toy store and Olivia knew what she wanted right away:

A Rockstar Guitar
A Plex (Yo Gabba Gabba) backpack
Well…that was easy.
We were in and out of there in a jiffy. Olivia is a toddler that definitely knows what she wants huh?
On Sunday, i regretted getting her that guitar. It was loud with no volume control (lol) …but she loved it, so I tolerated it.
If only you can hear how loud this guitar is lol…

I also came down with a head cold on Sunday. No fun. Sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing..I looked like I came straight out of one of those cold commercials…

This was me all day on Sunday, a hot mess!

I’m not one to take medications while pregs, so these 4 were my bestfriends:

Life savers!

Thanks to my big sister for the advice…

I blame this confused Houston weather!
I feel much much better today and I can’t wait to walk off the remainder of this head cold on the treadmill in the gym.

I’ve got to keep pushing, this cold won’t hold me back 🙂

Have a great week everyone!


Family Photoshoot + Surprise!


If you know me, then you know I love pictures! I think it comes from me not having a lot of pictures of myself when I was a baby/toddler. I blame it our move from Nigeria to America…a lot of things were left behind 😦

I make it our family tradition to have professional family pics taken every year in a different theme. Our first year, we did traditional studio pics..boring lol! But i just wanted them for the books lol.
Our December 2012 Christmas pictures


Our December 2012 Christmas pictures were taken at Picture People Studios. They were really nice & work well with kids, but I would not go back unless I have a serious coupon…this place was pricey! You are limited to how many poses that you can get (of course, the more poses, the higher the price).
To sum it up, I feel that you will get more for your buck with a freelance photographer.

Speaking of Freelance Photography…

This year, I wanted something fun & outdoors! Plus with my busy toddler, I  wanted a lot of distractions to keep her smiling 🙂
My long time friend Austin Goswick, owner of Goswick Photography, always understands my crazy visions and brings them to life!
Austin doing what he does best

Contact Goswick Photography today for your pictures!

Website: www.Goswick.com

Twitter: Twitter.com/GoswickPhoto

It was a must that I packed some toddler must haves for our photoshoot outing, because quite frankly..these little humans are busy little beings!

What I packed for my Toddler for our outside photoshoot:
-The basics (diapers, wipes)
-A change of clothes & shoes (for those “just in case” moments)
-Hair care supplies (comb, extra rubber bands/scrunchies & Olive oil mist)
-Extra hair bows (you can never have enough)

-Various snacks including SKITTLES! I got that idea from my awesome friend Tinnell Sloan’s instagram picture below:

Adorable Rilee with her Skittles in hand
during her family’s photoshoot

Thank Goodness for Skittles! Thanks to Tinnell for sharing that also! Follow her Instagram page and encourage her to start blogging! She’s the jack of all trades 🙂

Let’s get right into my favorite pictures from our Family Christmas 2013/New Years 2014 photoshoot in a Photblast:



Saving the best for last! My number one favorite:

Can you tell why this is my favorite picture? 😉


Baby number 2 wanted to make his debut!

Our family pictures had one EXTRA guest this year, how sweet is that?

Olivia is super excited!


God is Good 🙂


Back on Track

The holiday season always gets me!

Whatever “diet” or “clean eating” habit my husband & I developed  during the year goes out the window come Thanksgiving & beyond. To put it in simple terms, we LOVE food (a little too much) lol.
So sad…
Well, we are back on it lol. Better late than never. We started off the week in the gym and also did a serious juice cleanse and I must say, im glad we did it.
Gosh, i feel so much better and a lot less sluggish…
I definitely want to do better with my eating habits for more reasons than one.
Below is a Green Juice recipe that I made the other day. Its very simple & yummers:


Ingredients (for 24oz):

-Kale (4 sticks)

-Cucumber (1 whole)
-Green Apple (1 whole)
-Pear (1 whole)
I like juicing with Cucumbers not only because they are infused with tons of liquid…but because they are very hydrating. I’m the type that is always thirsty….I soak up fluids like a sponge. I’m always drinking something (water, juice..etc)..and nowadays, my thirst level is through the roof! After juicing with cucumbers, its hydrating effects leave me feeling not so thirsty anymore, in return curbing my craving for sweet, calorie filled juices.

More reasons I drink Cucumber Juice:

-It decreases puffiness & dark circles under & around your eyes
-It aids in skin repair inside & out
-It has antioxidants great for your blood
-It aids in digestion
…look, as long as there are beauty benefits, I’m all in! 😉
Happy Thursday loves.

Happy New Year!

Wow, its crazy how fast time goes. 2013 was fun, I had a few challenges that I conquered with success and I feel like I am going into 2014 with a stronger mental mind frame.  Hello 2014! This year has a lot in store for my family & I am super excited.

I believe in capturing as many moments in life, especially of your children, because you simply don’t get those moments back. On New Years Eve, I spent my morning looking though pictures of me and my family and I thank God for my Husband and Beautiful daughter. My husband is my best friend, we’ve dated since we were teenagers and he’s just the strongest, most gentle soul I know. I’m so thankful for him. I love him so much, sorry to get all “mushy” (LOL!) but I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in the future.

A few memorable moments in our 2013 year:

Olivia began walking in January 2013 at 9 months.
Olivia’s Grandparents watching her walk for the first time!


Olivia’s first Easter
Olivia’s First Birthday Party at Gymboree


1st Birthday Party photoshoot for her
Party Invitations


During Olivia’s 1st Birthday Party
Part 2 of Olivia’s 1st Birthday Party Celebrations.
Nigerian Church Style!


Olivia stood up in the middle of
Church to take it all in!


Olivia’s first trip to
Galveston Beach


Olivia spent majority
of her Summer Days Poolside!

We helped my baby sister
move into College!
Olivia, Hubby & my family gave me a memorable
28th Birthday Celebration!
Liv was able to spend some QT with one
of her Bestie’s Meme from Seattle!


These two beauties are so funny


Halloween Fun


Halloween Fun with my little Elmo!


Our traditional Pumpkin Patch trip!
My Beautiful big Sister had some
exciting news for Olivia!


Olivia became a Big Cousin! Baby Chloe
arrived on 12/10/2013! Beautiful as ever 🙂
Christmas 2013!


As if she didn’t get enough gifts,
Mommy & Daddy topped Olivia’s
2nd Christmas off with a Poodle/Pomeranian
puppy named, Fernando!

That is just a small recap of our 2013 year. I wish I had the time to post more BUT, one of my 2014 resolutions is to blog more! Let’s see how that goes 🙂 I hope that everyone had a great New Year celebration and I pray that everyone will continue to have a blessed year in 2014!