MillieMoos Leggings!!


One of my weaknesses is shopping, particularly, shopping for baby/toddler girl clothes! To add to my “minor” addiction, i have a brand new NIECE to shop for now!! (Yay!!)

There has been a new trend on Instagram of “Instagram Shops” opening up left & right. Some of ya’ll may have already been bombarded with requests from various shops to follow you lol! Well, there is only one that I LOVE & order from & its called @milliemoosclothes. I’m familiar with them thru one of the owners, a long distant mommy friend of mine @sharonface. Her instagram shop makes stylish, custom made to order leggings for infants and toddlers.

                                                                                                                                    This is how it works:

Follow their shop to see new (hand picked) fabric that they have in stock. They post a picture of the leggings or fabric on their page, then you let them know what size that you want to order (for example 0-3 months, 2T..etc)..You then leave your email address in the comments and they will send you an email to pay via paypal. After paying, they will keep you updated on the progress and when your order ships! You can even them ask any questions and they will respond right away!

I’ve ordered 3 different legging styles for Olivia from @milliemooclothes & I must say, the quality is superb! I get them in the mail in less than a week! The reason i love these leggings are because of the different designs that you do not see in stores and they definitely add variety to Olivia’s closet!

The leggings that Olivia is wearing in this picture are @milliemoosclothes adorable floral leggings! When i saw them post that they had this fabric in stock, i knew i needed it for my baby! Olivia wore them to a birthday party over the past weekend. I paired them with a peach colored toddler cami & Jean Jacket-both from Baby Gap, as well as her favorite pink snow boots from Old Navy. Olivia will not hesitate to let you know if she is uncomfortable and the day she wore these leggings, she seemed so comfortable throughout the day! These leggings are tagless so that definitely eliminates the scratching & pulling on tags. They also make great gifts! Check them out one day and tell them that I sent ya!

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6 thoughts on “MillieMoos Leggings!!

  1. You are seriously the sweetest, Ofure. You inspired me to blog about my own company. ha ha. I gave you a shout out!! Thanks for your love, support, and kindness. xoxo.


  2. Awww thank you Sharon! You are so blessed to have such crafty hands! I really love your work and can't wait until the shop opens back up after the holidays! Cant wait to see what ya'll have in store for Spring. I do encourage you to start blogging about it! I know many will find it so interesting! Let me know if and when you do! Happy Holidays love! Kisses to beautiful Amelia from us!!


  3. Another company to add to Madison's wardrobe. Olivia always look so cute in her clothing. I'm going to check her out. Thank you for highlighting her. I won't have known about her if you hadn't mentioned her. Love it! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. ♡


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