Stranger Danger…

Hey ya’ll!
*does the Friday dance*

“Mommy, who is that?”

It seems like every where we go, Olivia makes a new friend! Her only requirements nowadays seem to be, “must be under 4 feet tall” lol! She is always more friendly with other kiddo’s than adults! I know this is normal for the early toddler age, but I can’t help but to giggle a bit when she encounters a new adult and their feelings are hurt when Liv isn’t friendly towards them initially. I always jokingly say, “She might be mean to you before she’s nice to you!” ..which is somewhat true, Lol!

On the other hand, if its another kiddo, she’s just a social butterfly! For example, while we were walking through the Kemah boardwalk for my Mom’s birthday weekend, Liv just stopped and started having a baby babbling chat with an 18 month old little cutie!
Social Butterfly on the Kemah Boardwalk
Every baby has their own personality and Liv is no exception. My parents would always say that when I was Olivia’s age, everyone would call me my Mom’s “handbag” because I would not leave her side or let anyone else hold me (how funny! Lol) ..and my Mother in Law always says that my hubster was not the “friendliest baby on the block” haha! So, I already knew what to expect with my baby girl.
It used to annoy me when older adults would say that Olivia isn’t friendly with them because I’m not letting her be social or she’s at home with me too much. Wrong! I smile & just think to myself, “She doesn’t know you, that’s why!” Lol. They have no clue that I’m a working mom & when I’m not working, I’m all about activities, play dates, birthday parties, etc with my little one! Even if I were a stay at home mom, her personality will be from her Mother & Father, her Mommy’s “handbag” and….well you’ve read the third paragraph.
 *sigh* gotta love opinions even when they aren’t asked for! Lol!
Anywho, I just want all Mommy’s out there to be firm with your parenting style and not let anyone’s opinions or “suggestions” influence your groove! I’m a head strong person and I’m not easily bothered by others opinions. As a mom, you have to be a tough cookie 😉
The good news is that stranger anxieties are completely normal for toddlers and will almost certainly fade as your toddler matures and begins to gain more control over his/her feelings, so no need to worry!


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