Silence is Golden..Unless you have a Toddler…

Monday’s are my “Stay-at-home-Mom days”..which gives me time to catch up with house work such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, running errands, and most importantly, spending every single minute with my princess. My Hubs, Olivia and I usually sleep in late on Mondays & its routine for her to play in bed between us, wake us up & play with our faces. This particular day however, Olivia was very eager to get out of bed, so I stayed in bed to savor an extra 2 minutes of relaxation while my hubster and Olivia walked out of our room together. I assumed that they were going to his office where she usually plays with her toys while he checks his computer. Well…here is how the rest of the story went:

Me: “Olivia”
Me: **singing** “Olivia, where are you?”
Me: “Honey”
Hubster: “Yes babe”
Me: “Whats Olivia doing in your office?”
Hubster: “She’s not here, I thought that she walked back into the room with you.”
Me: “Oh sh….”

I then rushed to her game room to find a trail of torn toilet paper that lead to her location. The picture above is what I then encountered. I wish I was able to snap a pic of the big grin she gave me as she turned around lol!

The moral of this story is: “Silence is golden, unless you have a Toddler, then, silence is just suspicious!”


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