Garage Sale Toy Finds

Our little neighborhood has 2 facebook groups. One regular and one “yard sale”, and after chats with neighbors, its safe to say that our neighborhood yard sale group ROCKS! I have found 2 great deals so far, & both for $5!!! Both items were gently used and pick up was right around the corner! Olivia really enjoys the both of them, so here we go:

Deal #1 was a playschool push car that was in perfect condition. Liv loves taking a stroll outside in it with Mommy! It has safety seatbelts so that my little nugget is safe and secure inside. For 5 bucks, you cant beat that. I’m sure it retails for way more 🙂

Deal #2 was a playschool brand scooter bike that turns into a walker! This was also $5! Condition was mint! She loves it! At 8months, she loves to stay active & occupies and this really does keep her busy. And she can use it for a while which is an extra plus.

Mama’s, dont be afraid to browse around your neighborhood’s yard sales because you never know what you will find! Avoid going to yard sales with high hopes because then you will just be forcing yourself to buy things lol. So many moms that i chat with browse the occasional yard sale and the deals they find are incredible.

Now go and get your bargain on Mama’s!

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