Olivia’s first Halloween (Part 2)

*Originally Posted on 10.31.12**

After getting home and resting for a bit, Olivia got dressed up, to go trick or treating in the neighborhood. I actually really like our little neighborhood, its very family oriented, and people actually participate. We just went to a few houses for Olivia’s first little trick or treat. I held Olivia & Daddy held the camera!

 Olivia was dressed up as an Angel..here is a pic of my little Angel in Costume!
This family was really into it! It was neat and the kids loved it. Look at Olivia’s face, she’s unsure lol!


This by far is one of my favorite pictures from Halloween night, a pic with the man-horse! Lol! I think I was more excited than Olivia! She’s like “what in the world!?”..

After we finished with our neighborhood, we went to my good friend Christine’s house about 20 mins away. We’ve been friends for about 4-5 years, she’s my boo! Now let me tell you, Christine’s house always has something going on, we love it! & Olivia is always entertained by the kids running around! I love to visit them all the time because Christine is such a great mom, I really admire her for that! She also has a new baby boy (who is sooooo adorable by the way) named Adam! Adam and Olivia were due around the same time and he was born 3 days before Olivia! Isnt that crazy!? I love all of her kids! And Christine and her Husband, Hakim, are so cute together!

Here is a picture of baby Adam! He was a the cutest little Pirate!

Christine’s sister holding baby Adam!



Adam and Olivia were amazed by each other’s costumes, lol!

Here are a few more pics from trick-or-treating in their neighborhood!




After we finished trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, we went back to the house where the kids sorted out their candy, made trades etc!

Christine, being the super mommy that she is, had chilli and cornbread ready to serve! It totally fit the mood and it was yummy! I think my Husband had about 2-3 bowls! Remind me to get the recipe from her, ok? Lol.

While hanging out at Christine’s, I gave Christines youngest daughter, Ava, her birthday gift to open (her birthday was about a week prior). It was a little disney pop up tent. She loved it. She’s so cute!

After we got fat full, it was time for us to head home. We had alot of fun! Olivia was sleepy from her fun filled day, but im sure she enjoyed watching all of the festivities.

6 Months is such a time of curiosity for the little ones. Engaging in activity, and letting Olivia watch others, helps with development. I love taking her to fun activities like that. Im such a hands-on person, it’s natural for me to be a hands-on mom and I definitely plan on being the most active mother for Olivia and all of my future kiddo’s.

When we got home, Olivia was pooped!

She fell asleep in her walker! What a day!

I hope everyone had a safe Halloween!

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