Olivia’s first Halloween (Part 1)

**Orginally Posted on 10.31.2012**

Being the busy bee that I am, I had our Halloween day 2012 all planned out for me and my family.

Let me start off by saying, that I do not look at Halloween as a celebration in any way. However, I do not see anything wrong with having the kiddo’s dress up, go to pumpkin patches, and go trick-or-treating for the fun of it. My main rule is that there will NOT be any scary costumes in my household! All costumes must be of happy cartoon characters, fairies, cheeleaders, superman, etc. With that being said, lets get started.

We started off by going to a local Pumpkin Patch to pick out Olivia’s first pumpkin & snap some pics. The weather was surprisingly hot for Halloween, however, we are in Texas & Texas has the most unpredictable weather. I really never paid any attention to pumpkin patches until I had my daughter. I guess it’s just something that you do with the kiddo’s, so i figured..why not? I’m sure she’ll have fun with going there as she gets older..then she & I can actually carve the pumpkin together and display it. How fun! I cant wait. Olivia has such an active mommy lol.

Olivia wasn’t in the best mood that day lol, but it didn’t stop me from getting pictures of my sweet baby!


On the hunt for a perfect Pumpkin for
my baby!
Grumpy Baby lol!

*Don’t forget to take a look at Olivia’s First Halloween Pt 2!**

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