How to Re-Use Newborn Headbands!

**Originally Posted on 9.25.12**

If you are like me, the minute you heard the words, “its a girl.”, you went shopping crazy. Besides buying all the cute baby girl clothes & shoes, I bought more head bands than imagined! I went crazy ya’ll, i bought one in almost every color, every design! You better believe that I used all of them, some only once, but as long as her eyes were open, my baby girl had a bow in her hair! (and that still applies today, lol!)
Flash-Forward 5 months…when those itty bitty bands dont fit baby girl’s head anymore. Don’t thow them away, i repeat DO NOT THROW HER HEADBANDS AWAY! There is a simple solution to re-use the bow from the band for your growing big girl, just follow these simple steps!

1) Chose the headband of your choice. You want to make sure that it has a bow that you like.

2) Carefully detach the bow from the headband by cutting it with a good pair of scissors. It will now look like the picture below:

3) Take out your alligator clips. For this bow, I used the “Celebrity Fit” hair clips from Michaels. I chose this one because it comes with a ribbon already attached that covers majority of the bare clip.

4) With your hot glue gun apply a couple of drops of hot glue to the back of the bow, and a small drop to the alligator clip.

5) Quickly press the bow onto the alligator clip where the hot glue was applied.

6) Remove any excess glue that may be hanging.

7) Wala! You now have a finished product similar to this:

Pair it with a cute little outfit..

..and she’s ready to go!

…good job crafty Mama’s!

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