Lets Talk Pregnancy

My precious Olivia was born in April 2012, so to start off, i wanted to take it a few months back starting from my pregnancy journey.
My pregnancy was overall smooth sailing. I was so thankful for that. I totally embraced pregnancy. Its such a beautiful thing, its amazing what the women body can handle.

I definitly had pregnancy brain. I was so blonde, it made no sense! Lol. I lost everything, i couldnt remember much, its quite funny now that I think about it, lol. Pregnancy brain is real, but i had the best excuse in the world, i was pregnant! I swear i got away with everything. God bless all of the people that let me skip long lines in stores, carried everything for me, fed me, drove me around…i could go on & on. ahhh..those were the days!

I gained all of my pregnancy weight during my last trimester and it fell of quickly after Olivia came (im sure breastfeeding has a lot to do with that).

Here are just a few eating rules that i followed during pregnancy:

1)You are pregnant, eat!

2)Eat what you crave, dont fight the feeling.

3)If it makes you nauseous, stay away from it, dont eat it.

4)Always keep snacks in your purse.

5)Always have water within grabbing distance.

6)Stay away from spicy (this may not apply to everyone, but it sure did apply to me!)

7)Keep a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy, and avoid them. Your doctor’s office should have one.

8)No two pregnant women are the same, what works/worked for her may not work for you.

…those are just some rules that I followed when it came to eating. See, i love food. Eating during pregnancy was another journey for me because some foods that I absolutely loved before pregnancy, i couldnt stand while pregnant.

I pretty much worked throughout my pregnancy. Being a Home Health Nurse is not at all stressful. Your body will tell you when its time to take a break to really focus & care for you and your growing baby. My body told me around my 8th month! Although, I snuck in some hours to do some paperwork and the office payroll a day before I went into labor! Hehe šŸ˜‰

Overall, enjoy your pregnancy. Take pictures & video’s every step of the way. Embrace every moment, every kick, every stomach rub from hubby..even embrace the rough days of pregnancy, because the end result of seeing your beautiful baby is priceless šŸ™‚

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